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Home Alarm Systems

When shopping for home alarm systems many homeowners become overwhelmed with the variety of options that are available to them. Today’s technology offers many types of home alarm systems and we are here to help you choose which alarm system is best for your home.


No two homes are alike and the same goes for businesses and offices but making sure you have the right security system installed will help protect and secure your home, valuables and family for years to come.  There are four major types of home security alarm systems; Monitored systems, un-monitored systems, Wireless alarm systems and hardwired systems.


Some people may want an alarm system that just monitors their home’s entryways; others may prefer an alarm system that covers all possible entries such as windows, doors and basements. Each alarm system has different installation requirements so be sure to check with your installer to insure that the system you want can be installed in your home and to get additional details regarding costs and installation requirements.


A Monitored alarm system will contact the police and the alarm monitoring company once it is triggered. They will call or come to your home to check up on you and ensure your safety. The downside of these type of systems is that their wires may be cut by intruders allowing them additional time to get in and out without being detected. Wireless and cellular options are available for backup purposes on these type of systems.


With an un-monitored alarm system, the alarm will sound off a loud siren inside and outside of the property it is installed on once triggered. This type of system will solely rely on anyone nearby such as neighbors or staff on duty to contact the police on your behalf if you are not on location at the time of a break in.  This type of alarm system is a cheaper option as it requires less maintenance and no monitoring fees. The loud siren this type of system will produce will usually distract the intruders and scare them away.The downside of this type of system is that you will have to rely on neighbors or staff to report the break in.

Wireless alarm systems and hardwired home alarms are very easy to install and have many different styles to choose from. They can include motion sensors, spot cameras and more. With wireless alarm systems you’ll have to remember that the distance between the sensors and the cameras have certain limits, as well as the fact that their batteries have to be replaced on a regular basis. Having a hard wired home alarm system which monitors all windows and doors is a more stable option and requires less maintenance. These type of systems may take longer to install but can offer you better security and are worth it in the long run.


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