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CCTV and Security Cameras – Part 2

In continuation to our last blog entry regarding CCTV system and security camera applications in commercial settings we wanted to mention a few additional type of security cameras that are available in todays market to business owners who are looking to upgrade the security level of their businesses and allow them to monitor the activities occurring on the premises of their businesses in a continuous matter.


Infrared and Night Vision cameras – Considered a less popular option due to it’s specific use and application, infrared and night vision cameras are employed in commercial settings where dark conditions occur and require the usage of IR LEDs. These type of cameras are often used by business owners for security applications during the night time where at many times the businesses are closed.


Outdoor cameras – Usually used in less populated areas where a business owner is required to provide and/or monitor the security level of such places like a business parking lot, walkway or service lot. There are many types of outdoor cameras available to business and property owners as they come in many shapes, sizes and attributes. The most important aspect of an outside camera is it’s actual housing which, ideally will be impenetrable to dust, insects and moisture. Day or Night options are available depending on the security requirements of the business. In recent years outdoor security cameras are being employed by governments and municipalities looking to monitor street activity in their communities.


Varifocal Cameras – A more advanced option, varifocal cameras allow it’s operators to zoom in or out on a specific object while still being able to  maintain focus on the image it captures, either in real time or offline.


IP and Network Cameras – As the internet continues to innovate most aspects of our lives, IP and Network cameras have become a very popular option with business owners. They usually come in either wired or wireless applications and are much easier to install than analog type cameras. CCTV systems employing network cameras offer great flexibility in installation and can offer business owners and affordable installation option.


Speed Dome Cameras – Usually found in higher scale businesses they type of cameras offer great flexibility in terms of panning, zooming and tilting allowing the security monitoring team to focus on a specific object or individual. They offer the ability to cover a wider range of visibility without the need for installing additional, “static” cameras.


HD Cameras – often found in niche markets they offer extreme clarity of vision and can transmit captured footage in great detail. While they are a more expensive options many business owners like to take advantage of their great quality and flexibility.

If you need help in deciding which CCTV System and Security camera system is right for your business give us a call at (877) 715-6252 and we’ll be glad to help. Thanks for reading.

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