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Handyman NYC Project


We were contracted by a customer in New York City for a home renovation / improvement project that included a wide range of services. We were very excited about this project as it allowed us to combine many of the professional services we provide and allowed the customer with an “all in one” service where we were able to take care of all of their needs saving them time and money as it eliminated their need to contract various companies to complete the various aspects of this project.

The initial consultation involved our handyman project manager visit the property and review the various requirements posed by the customer as well as discuss the available options we could provide her with.

Once the scope of the work has been determined and confirmed by the customer our professional handyman crew of 8 team members arrived at the job site and began working. The work provided included:

Door and Window: Careful removal of existing door handles and installation of new ones as well as complete replacement of the backdoor to the property. We also removed 5 closet doors and prepped, primed and painted  the exterior windows and iron handrails and spindles to give the exterior home a contemporary look and feel.

Kitchen and Bath: After fixing various cabinets and counters in the kitchen we proceeded to remove the old bathroom faucets and installed new ones that the customer chose. We also had to replace old plumbing fixtures in the bathroom (showerheads, faucets, tub spigots and drains) as well as replace the piping in the bathroom which required demolition of the shower wall. Finally we installed new light fixtures in the bathroom and the kitchen that would complement the fresh new look.

Flooring: We removed the wood flooring from various areas of the home and replaced them with  ceramic tiles a per the customers request. After we refinished the floor landings we proceeded to sand and refinish the floors with water based floor varnish throughout the property as well as hand sand and refinish the inside stairs.

Walls: We repaired various cracks and holes left behind by the former homeowner, primed and painted the entire interior of the property as well as the moldings including multiple coats of primer and paint on walls that were previously painted with darker colors. We supplied and installed wonderboard sub walls for walls that had to be demolished in the bathroom of the home. Finally we painted 2 fireplaces with multiple coats to give the property a sophisticated feel.

The outdoor of the property also required some work including scraping and preparing the outside spiral stairwell and removal of loose paint and debris that has been accumulated on it throughout the years. Once that was completed we proceeded to painting it with rustoleum paint.

The garage door of the property had to be repainted as it was covered with graffiti. Once the new paint was applied we stencil painted a “No Parking” notice on the freshly painted door as requested by the customer. Finally we were ready to provide extensive rubbish removal services to conclude the project and leave the property spotless.

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