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Door and WindowDoor Replacement / Repairs

Sometimes a series of unfortunate events can leave you with no choice but having to replace a door or a window in your home or business. Exceptional quality hardware (doors or windows) can provide you and your family with the protection and weather resistance you need for years to come. Our team of Door and Window specialists will be able to repair or replace your door or window with ease, professionalism and at the most cost effective method for you. With Lock and Tech USA you can rest assured knowing that because we are also a leading Locksmith and Security services company we always provide complete Door and Window solutions that combine advanced security features and will never compromise the security of your home, loved ones or valuables. We can provide replacement entry, bedroom, bathroom, and basement doors while always keeping in mind the security benefits of the hardware we install or repair.


Window Guards

Window guards are an important safety feature in apartments and homes across the country. They serve many different purposes; Keeping burglars out of lower level apartments that are easily accessible, protecting from accidental slips and falls to name just a few. Window guards are particularly important in homes with young children. In New York state it is mandatory by law to have window guards installed if you live in a building that has three or more apartments and have children under the age of 10 living with you in your home. Window Guards must be made of strong metal, be installed correctly, fastened tightly and must be approved by the NY Fire Department. Lock and Tech USA has years of experience installing and maintaining high quality Window guards throughout the five boroughs . Let us install your window guards for you so that you and your loved ones are protected the right way, right away…

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Window screens – Installation / Repair

When the summer heat strikes so will the mosquitoes. It’s no myth that the summer heat and humidity bring out mosquitoes which find their way into your home. Window screens, when installed and maintained correctly, can help you fight mosquitoes and other bugs making sure they do not enter your living space. Lock and Tech USA can install and repair window screens to keep those pesky mosquitoes and other bugs out. We are available for free, on-site estimates during which our professionals can not only assist you in deciding which window screens are the best fit for your home and budget, but also install them for you in the most efficient and cost effective way. In case you already have window screens installed, Lock and Tech USA provides ongoing maintenance and repair services whenever needed.

Weatherstripping and insulation

Interested in saving money on heating and cooling your home? Adding weather stripping, caulking, and making some other minor adjustments to certain areas of your home can save you BIG TIME on your heating and cooling utility bills. Typically, you can save up to 10% on your energy bill just by having a professional properly insulate your home. This process includes ensuring that all openings such as doors, windows and gaps are sealed. You can rest assured that our team of professionals will be able to get the task done, saving you money year after year!