Drywall & Baseboard

Drywall and Baseboard services

Drywall and Baseboard

Drywall / Sheetrock Service – installation and repair

Drywall is widely considered one of the most common building materials today, mostly due to fact that it allows quick and relatively inexpensive building. It has shown to be a much more effective material than traditional wet plaster or wood forms. It is also much easier to repair. Water damage, bug infestation, mold, and many other factors can all be reasons to have to fix or replace a portion or even an entire wall. Installing drywall requires knowledge, practice, experience and lots of patience. Many people are not aware that there are many different compositions, styles, and types of material when it comes to drywall. For example a wall in a bedroom will be different from walls placed in a bathroom. There are various types of moisture resistant sheetrock, such as green rock, which is designed for high moisture areas such as garages and bathrooms. Whatever your application is, let us worry about these details on your behalf so you don’t have to.


Baseboard installation and repair

Any modern home with the hint of the right colors and hues can look magnificent; but with baseboards that are cracked, splintered, broken and/or torn, you’re only halfway there. While It is sometimes easier to replace all the baseboards in the home if many of them are broken instead of spot correcting a few, for historical homes and antique baseboards, it is better to repair and replace the few areas that are broken because antique baseboards are harder to find and replace. Not to mention that replacing as little as possible may effectively preserve the historic value of your home without altering much of its authenticity.

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