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Floor and Tile

Hardwood Flooring – Installation and Maintenance

New hardwood floors and tiles can accentuate the beauty of any home; With Lock and Tech USA you can rest assured knowing that your flooring will be installed by true professionals who pay attention to detail and will make sure that the installation of your new floors is a smooth, worry-free experience for you and your loved ones. While there are many types of flooring finishes available (Oak, Ash, Bamboo, Solid wood and Engineered wood are popular options) hardwood floors have better durability than most flooring options, especially for living rooms and dining rooms where there is usually more foot traffic than other areas of the home.

With such a vast variety of materials and styles to choose from it can become overwhelming to decide which style would be the perfect choice for your home. Our experienced handyman teams are available to install or refinish any type of hardwood floors for you. We also shine, buff and shellac floors keeping them looking their best and maintaining their quality attributes.

Our installations are quick to setup and are designed to bring you superior craftsmanship, affordability and peace of mind.


Tile installation and repair

In a residential settings, tiles are usually installed in Kitchens and Bathrooms while in outdoor settings tiles are known to provide superior durability in patios, home entrances and pedestrian walkways. Lock and Tech USA provides professional  tile installation services for both indoor and outdoor settings. Are you  looking to remodel a bathroom, kitchen or setting floor tiles in other parts of your home ?

We can install tiles on your floors, walls, countertops or any other surface of your choice in or around your home or business. We give each job the attention and customization that it requires, using only quality tools and work with many types of tiles including Ceramic, Marble, Porcelain, Mosaic, Slate, Granite and more.

Contact us today and experience the Lock and Tech USA difference for yourself.

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