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Handyman Tips – Hiring A Handyman Service

As one of New York’s premier handyman services we come across many types of handyman projects that our customers contact us for. From small home repairs to large building and office renovation projects, we decided to compile this short list of tips that can help you in ensuring you are not only booking the right professional for your property but that they will be fully prepared to provide you with excellent service at the best cost possible.


1. Know your materials


Whether your projects involves furniture, doors, windows or walls each one of these elements can be made out of variety of materials and brands. Knowing what your items are made of and by whom can greatly assist in ensuring that the right materials are used for your home or office improvement project and can allow us to provide you with a more definite quote for your appointment. certain materials and tools not only work better on certain types of materials but others may be harmful and potentially destroy your property so make sure you know the type of items you are going to have our team work with to ensure a safe and efficient handyman service.


2. ensure a proper time-frame


Most customers are looking to have work done right away. While in some cases this is a valid option, in other cases a project will require a longer time frame then the customer initially anticipated and/or require multiple visits. Be sure that you are allowing your service provider sufficient time to complete the job professionally and remember that you will be saving time and money in the long run once the job has been completed in the best way possible.


3. Make sure the correct tools are used


We receive many inquiries from stressful customers that attempted to complete a project themselves only to find they were either not able to or created damage in the process. While we are all for the “Do It Yourself” motto it is sometimes better to book a service professional who will use commercial grade tools that are usually not available in an average household. Even if you decided to complete a handyman project yourself make sure you are using the proper tools that will assist you in completing your project successfully.


4. Is your service provider insured?


It is important to make sure that your handyman is fully insured in case of unfortunate accidents or other adverse situations. While your project may seem small to you, using an insured service provider is an important part of hiring any type of professional and should not be taken lightly. Be aware of certain individuals who advertise significantly low rates and are not insured as they may end up costing you far more than you anticipated spending in the long run.


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