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Handyman Tips – Safe heating solutions

It’s that time of the year again! New York City is getting colder by the day and many of our customers are eager to ensure that their heating systems are working properly and are ready for the winter. While the easiest, most immediate solution to warm up a cold room is to use a portable electric heater there are drawbacks to this solution, not only in terms of energy consumption but also in terms of safety, which here at Lock and Tech USA, is our top priority.


The national fire protection association reports that in 2010, electric heating equipment was directly involved in more than 57,000 home fires and at least 490 deaths and 1530 injuries in the United States. Furthermore more than 1.1 billion dollars in direct property damage was reported as a direct result of electric heating equipment related accidents. To ensure you do not become a part of these scary statistics we put together the following list of 3 affordable solutions that can help keep your home warm and cozy while remaining safe in the cold winter months in New York.


Toe-kick heaters


These affordable small size heaters blow hot air into a room and usually fit in the hollow spaces between cabinets or stairs. This is a great solution for heating bathrooms, kitchens or any other room where people experience cold feet. toe-kick heaters can be controlled using a thermostat  or a switch and some models employ a temperature controller that allows the homeowner or tenants complete control over the temperature of their room at any given time. While there are many different brands and models of these type of heaters it is very important that they are installed by a professional handyman to avoid any problems and to ensure their optimized functionality.

Cove heaters


Cove heaters, usually installed along the ceiling of a room, are a great heating solution which is not only cost effective but also energy efficient and require very little on-going maintenance.

These units are fairly inconspicuous, operate very quietly and emit heat downwards, heating the individuals in the room directly (as opposed to warming up the air that is then circulated throughout a room). Cove heaters are one of our absolute favorite heating solutions as they are very safe since they are mounted towards the ceiling of a room and are not accessible to young children thus helping avoid situations where young children accidentally burn themselves from touching the heater. They are also a great option in rooms where curtains or furniture make baseboard heaters an inconvenient solution. Many cove heaters use a remote control which allow homeowners / tenants to turn on or off as well as control the temperature of a room at any given time.


Ceiling fan heaters


While most people immediately think of cooling when discussing ceiling fans, in recent years they have become a very popular option for heating as well. Ceiling fan heaters employ a heater that produces hot air which is then circulated through a room via the fan. The installation of such units is similar to installing a regular ceiling fan and provide a quick heating solution that can be employed over a large area. Furthermore during the summer a ceiling fan heater can be used to cool off a room, simply by only activating the fan component of the unit. Ceiling fan heaters are available in a variety of sizes and finishes and can be operated manually or using a remote control.


Whichever solution you choose to employ in your home or business it is very important to have a professional handyman install it for you to avoid any problems and to ensure optimal functionality. Thanks for reading!

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