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Home Intercom Systems – Options and Benefits

Home intercom systems have come a long way when it comes to controlling your home or monitoring your property or business. Installation of an intercom system is more affordable than you might think and a professional New York City intercom company can install a system for you that is tailored to your specific needs and security requirements.


Although they have been around for quite a while, Today’s Intercoms consist of much more than just a buzzer that allows users to buzz people in and out of a building. We see modern intercom systems in industrial complexes, residential complexes as well as most businesses in a variety of styles and features.


Many people are using home intercoms today simply because they work well as far as increasing security on any premises and allow homeowners or business owners to control the coming and going of anyone into and out of their property.


Many advanced intercom systems can be integrated with existing security systems. This means that any visitor to your home will need to be buzzed in through the intercom system in order to gain entry to your property. The door locks will not engage until you have successfully buzzed someone into your building and they are also a great way to keep advertisers, solicitators and potential wrongdoers away. These systems usually also integrate a security camera that can record the whereabouts around the entrance to the property.


Intercoms are a great way for individuals to monitor their children, spouses or employees. For example,  It’s understandable that your children or even your spouse might be coming home at different hours throughout the day. You can use an advanced home intercom system to monitor when your children are coming home or when they leave for school. A DVR integrated system will allow you to record the footage captured by a security camera that is linked to the intercom.


If you have a large home on multiple levels it can be difficult to communicate throughout the house. An internal intercom system set up can assist in communication between floors simply and affordably. These type of systems also significantly help reduce the noise within your household as family members no longer have to shout in order to get each other’s attention. They simply use the intercom!

At Lock and Tech USA we offer complete Intercom Systems including installation of new systems as well as maintenance and repair services for existing systems. We work with all major intercom brands and are available throughout the five boroughs of New York City. Contact us today at (877) 715-6252 to schedule your free, no obligation on-site estimate and experience the Lock and Tech USA difference for yourself. Thanks for reading!

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