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Intercom Systems – which one is right for you?

The intercom system industry has significantly advanced over the last few years, with new available technologies that offer consumers a great variety of advanced features and capabilities. At Lock and Tech USA we provide, install and repair all types of intercom systems and are frequently approached by customers looking to either upgrade their existing intercom system or install a new one. in basic terms and intercom system is a security system device which allows communication between people outside and inside a building. The type of system that is right for you depends on the type of features you want your system to have as well as the area and property type you are looking to install it on.


Hard wired intercoms use a physical wire to connect and install them on a location. They offer great security as they have the advantage of resisting several interference methods. It is highly recommended to get wired intercom system installed when your house or apartment are under construction or being renovated as open walls will allow the installer easy access and the opportunity to completely hide the wires used by the intercom system. Hard wired intercom systems are usually more expensive than wireless systems as their installation involves more work by the installer and their installation process is a more complicated one.


Wireless intercom systems offer customers a simpler installation process as they do not require any hard wiring. These type of systems use radio frequencies for communication similar to “walkie talkie” systems that used to be popular before the internet age. While easier and usually cheaper to install these type of systems are prone to signal interference and are considered to be less reliable. These type of interferences can be caused by the distance between the intercom system components as well as the quality and brand of the system. They type of system offer the ability to integrate a portable receiver device that allows customers to answer an intercom buzz even if they are not physically by the system.


Today’s advanced intercom system allow popular features such as phone system and smartphone integration which allow people to use their phone to respond to an intercom buzz and open the door or gate of their property. Video intercom systems have also grown in popularity over the last few years as they allow people to view the person requesting access before deciding if to allow them in or not.


At Lock and Tech USA we provide complete intercom system solutions in New York as well as Locksmith services and Handyman solutions. Contact us at (877) 715-6252 for more information and to book your free, no obligation on-site security assessment. Thanks for reading!

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