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Locksmith and Security Services – The Future is NOW !

In recent years the security and alarm systems environment has significantly advanced as new technology offers residential and commercial customers new options to ensure the safety and security of their homes and businesses. While all of us have used keys to open locks on a daily basis this type of application can cause problems in certain situations. What can you do if you want to let someone into your home while you are not there? What do you do when you get locked out of your business or office and don’t have an extra key handy?


Here are two new security solutions that are available to customers looking to solve these type of problems and inconveniences:


The KeyMe App: Replacing your basic lock with an advanced electronic keyless lock is nothing new – these type of applications have been around for awhile and offer a variety of advanced options to consumers. That being said it is important to note that physical keys do have a very practical side. You can leave a copy of your key at your neighbor’s house and opening up a regular type lock would not require batteries or an active internet connection, in cases where your smartphone is hooked up to your keyless entry lock. But what can you do if you need to make a copy of key but don’t have access to an original key copy that you can bring into your local locksmith store?


The KeyMe app is a new solution that offers users the ability to take a photo of their key. This photo can then be used to make a duplicate at your local locksmith or via mail using the app. The information locksmiths require to make a copy of a key is all available to them via the picture stored inside the phone, such as the type of key required and the biting code that specifies the depth of the cuts on the key’s blade.


August SmartLock: This advanced security lock uses your smartphone as the key to open it. While the company uses the term “lock” to describe the product it is not essentially a lock at all. This device fits over your existing lock and connects to your smartphone through its bluetooth capabilities. Customers love the convenience of this application as it allows them to open up their door without ever having to take their keys or smartphones out of their pockets. It simply senses your presence and unlocks the door for you as well as rings to confirm the door is locked once you leave your home or business. It can also allow you to share access to your property with other users who have the app installed on their phones. This application is somewhat similar to high security vehicle lock mechanisms which have become very popular in recent years.


If you are looking to beef up the security of your home or business Lock and Tech USA offers a wide range of security systems solutions to fit any requirements and budget restrictions. We offer free on-site security consultations and are available 24 hours a day. Call us at (877) 715.6252 and one of our dedicated service representatives will be glad to assist you.


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