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Cooling and Heating

Install / Uninstall Air Conditioner units

The best part of summer is having an air conditioner to come home to, cooling you down from the exhausting summer heat and making the hot, humid summertime air in your house dry and comfortable. Alternatively, the worst part of winter is removing the air conditioner that was installed in your home earlier that year. During winter months removing your air conditioner unit can help you save on heating costs and minimize the opportunity for heat to escape your home, which send your heating bills through the roof. Let Lock and Tech USA take care of installing and uninstalling your window or sleeve Air conditioning unit saving you time and money year after year !

Clean Air Conditioners / Filter Replacement

It is very important to keep air conditioners clean so that they can perform optimally. A routine cooling system cleaning can payoff in a many ways. Proper maintenance greatly extends the lifespan of your air conditioner, saving you money on your electric bill month after month.

Most people are not aware that they have to periodically change the filters on their heating and cooling units . Whether heating or cooling, a filter that removes particles still needs to be cleaned at regular intervals or replaced when necessary in order to keep the unit in good working condition. When a filter becomes dirty it can restrict the airflow through your system at the expense of costing more to cool or heat the same area throughout the year. Additionally it compromises the air quality of your home. Having Lock and Tech USA inspect your heating or cooling system filters regularly will help keep the air flowing evenly and reduce the stress on your system. Doing so maintains lower energy bills, keeping your Air Conditioning equipment cost efficient to run, while increasing the useable lifespan of your unit.

Ceiling Fans – Installation / Maintenance

Ceiling fans offer a simple, classic method to cool off a room. Customers may prefer to install ceiling fans over air conditioning systems for a variety of reasons. On those not so hot summer days when you just want a cool breeze to cool down your space a ceiling fan is the perfect solution. But what if Instead of a nice breeze, you get creaking, wobbling, and squeaking sounds. When a ceiling fan begins to wobble, the vibration of the fan can damage the fan and the ceiling it is installed on becoming a safety hazard. Over time, ceiling fans need to be rebalanced / readjusted and blades need to be tightened in order for the fan to perform optimally.  Dust, lint, pollen, mold, and other allergens accumulate in those hard to reach areas on and around your ceiling fan. This makes fans run louder, prevents proper air-flow and require cleaning periodically. Our team of professionals, can help keep your fans in excellent shape for years to come as well as install new ceiling fans in your home or office.

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