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Say goodbye to your keys – Use your finger instead

Whenever we meet with customers we find ourselves surprised at just how far technology has come in recent years as well as the level of integration technology currently has in our daily modern lives. As smartphones continue to evolve as the center of each individual’s digital world (the position previously owned by the home computer or personal laptop) many technological inventions are being exported into other areas of our lives including home automation, vehicles and more.

So if you can use your finger to lock and unlock your phone, why not use it to lock and/or unlock your home? How about your car?

In the not so distant past such features could be only seen in science fiction movies but these days you can find biometric access control systems in homes, offices and businesses alike. This technology allows people to unlock the door to their home with the touch of their finger, combining the sophisticated technology of a finger scanner with the convenience of an advanced door console. These type of systems do not require any codes or cards and offer instant easy access to an apartment or business. The control panel for these systems are very small and are usually secured along the leaf of the door.

The benefits of such a system are obvious to some, but if you are one of these individuals who call a local locksmith on a regular basis or have experienced locksmith emergencies in the past you will be appreciative of this advancement in technology even more. This is also a great solution for young kids who are sometimes notorious for losing their keys.

There is a wide variety of companies that manufacture these type of access control systems as well as many models and additional features to choose from. It is important to remain practical when choosing the system that is right for your home or business. Things like how many people are going to be using the system on a regular basis are important to think about before deciding on which system to purchase. If you have any questions regarding intercom systems, security cameras or access control systems give us a call at (877) 715-6252 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

We also offer free, no obligation on-site estimates across New York City so give us a call to schedule one at your home or business. Thanks for reading.

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