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The Future of Security Camera Systems

Security cameras and surveillance technology seem to be everywhere these days. They provide vital shields against terrorism and crime, illegal entry into the United States as well as traffic solutions among America’s busiest roadways. Surveillance cameras mounted on Earth orbiting satellites monitor GPS, as well as other tracking chips planted on automobiles, bracelets worn by criminals, weather systems and many other applications both with individuals as well as businesses.


Security and surveillance systems are going to advance exponentially in the future due to affordable modern electronics. It is thought that DVR’s are likely to die out and people worldwide are going to store & save information remotely using cloud technology. Another expected advancement of security camera technology is the expanding use of Closed Circuit Television Camera Systems (CCTV). For example, there are quite a few major cities across America that are already mapping out their street systems with CCTV Technology.


Finding thousands of eyes to watch thousands of screens is nearly impossible, and would cost a lot of money in pay wages. The Automated Warning and Response Engine (AWARE) is the answer. There are buildings and offices filled with TV screens, showing areas under constant surveillance, but nowhere near about enough eyes to fully watch everything that is broadcast at once. This is where the AWARE System comes into play. AWARE eliminates the need for these thousands of screens and uses a single view to create a large picture over an extremely large area. Relatively speaking, it’s like a surveillance camera on a space satellite beaming down on New York City. It maps out the entire transportation grid covered by CCTV, and gives you an image to fit one big television screen, but in motion. And this is just one very general example of what an AWARE system can do. Airports, army bases, high profile agencies and extensive industrial complexes are already taking this new approach to the highly complex world of security and are implementing these type of high security systems within their respective organizations.


It is predicted by scientists and electronics experts that within the next 17 years, there will be a Global Precognition Software in operation that will monitor & profile every human on Earth and label each of us as a person of interest. It is thought that a system such as this will help law enforcement get the upper hand on crime and eventually give them time to stage control before a crime even happens. But who knows what the future holds for us and where does personal privacy stand in between all of this? Only time will tell.


The internet is the biggest surveillance/security system in existence. Well, not the internet itself, but its capabilities. The internet already connects millions of people 24 hours a day and in the near future it’s predicted that the internet will be able to connect billions of computing devices, machines & sensors in real time. These integrated systems include intercom systems alarm systems, , Phone Systems and Home Automation Systems. Future security & surveillance is predicted to continue to go mobile and be further controlled remotely. Everything is getting smarter, faster and more affordable and only time will tell what the future holds for an industry already constantly changing in the quickest pace it has ever experience. Stay tuned!

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